The Story
Technology addicted teenager Kayla Frost has got problems. She's about to get kicked out of university, her mother is terminally ill and she's obsessed with her smart phone.

When her best friend Taylor gets access to a range of sinister smartphone apps, capable of everything from changing people's minds to exploding their heads, Kayla must decide how far she's willing to go before the phone in her hand ends up destroying everything she holds dear.
Producer Jim Eaves, Written by Beverly Sandford, Directed By Natalie Scarsbrook
Budget: £75k

Runtime: 90 Mins

Format: 4K

Henry: Portrait of a
Serial Killer
Open WaterMonsters
Budget $111,000
Gross $609,939
Budget $120,000
Gross $31,000,000
Budget $500,000
Gross $5,639,730