The majority of Level 3 qualifications aimed at 16-19 year olds have a requirement for work placements/work experience. This should provide students with a real-world experience of the career that they are hoping to establish.

In practice, there simply aren’t enough high-quality work experience positions within the TV & Film sector to provide students with a worthwhile, relevant, professional experience.

A New Challenge

Recent government reforms add even greater emphasis, with a significant increase in hours and an approach described as "no work placement, no certificate". This presents a challenge for courses specialising in media production, where work placements are highly sought after and often consist of little more than making tea.

An Ideal Opportunity

Sun Rocket Films provides an ideal opportunity to give students a comprehensive understanding of practical production and film as business. Students will complete their work placements in an environment where they are applying the learning from their course in a practical way. The placement will present a realistic way to advance the students' career aspirations.
This kind of specific, role-related work experience will be of incredible benefit to each student, and the end result will often represent their first professional credit and IMDB listing.

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